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About Us

Our company was born from a search to find a natural remedy that would provide relief for my little one’s eczema.

Already growing my own and believing in the numerous benefits of the Aloe Vera plant (and shocked to find almost every product was not made “truly pure”) I discovered Curaloe® skincare and juices manufactured in beautiful Curacao. However, it wasn’t until I saw my daughter's eczema clear up within a few days that this mama was inspired bring the amazing “plant in a bottle” products to share with the U.S. You could say it was a "You had me at Aloe" moment! 

As we have grown, we have added more brands, such as Hummingbird Farms Luxury Body & Bath Care, proudly made in the Texas Hill Country and created by an amazing lady and cancer survivor. We also offer Olga's Organics, which features Organic, Non-GMO, Paraben free, Petrolatum Free, BHA free, Sodium Laureth Sulfate free beauty. 

We offer FREE samples, FREE shipping and a 60-day, hassle-free guarantee on all products!

Wishing you optimal health and beauty from the inside out,